Learning Tai language – ႁဵၼ်းလိၵ်ႈတႆး တူဝ်မႄႈလိၵ်ႈတႆး 19 တူဝ်

The Tai ( Shan ) language is mostly use in Shan State, Burma and some of areas as Kachin State, Mae Hong Son, Thailand, etc. The Tai language related to Thai and Lao. Across the border in China, a different script is used for the very similar Dehong Dai (Tai Le) language.

Notable Features

  • Some letters are the same as Burmese, and others are stylistically similar. So circular shapes feature in the script.
  • The vowels are printed as diacritics above, below, after or before their consonant, in the Indic manner.
  • The vowel system is simpler than Thai, and there are consonant clusters usually only in Pali words.
  • Words are syllabic, and end in a vowel, or vowel+nasal, or vowel+stop.
  • Each consonant has an inherent short /a/.


ၵ   ka  

ၶ  kha

င   nga

ၸ  tsa

သ    sa

ၺ  nya

တ   ta

ထ  tha

ၼ  na

ပ   pa

ၽ  pha

ၾ   fa

မ  ma

ယ   ya

ရ   ra

လ  la

ဝ  wa

ႁ  ha


ဢ   a


Second consonants.

The fives letters here are used only for dialects and foreign words.

မႄႈသဵင်ၵႅမ် 5 တူဝ်

ၷ  ga

ၹ  za

ႀ  xa

ၻ  da

ၿ  ba

How to write Tai consonants

When you start to learn Tai language, you should know how write the correct way.

လၢႆးတႅမ်ႈတူဝ်မႄႈလိၵ်ႈတႆး 19 တူဝ်

Videos for learning Tai language
Learning Tai language – ႁဵၼ်းလိၵ်ႈတႆး တူဝ်မႄႈလိၵ်ႈတႆး 19 တူဝ်

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